Chair Person – Julie Worthing

School Representative – Mrs Bradley

The Parent, Teacher and Friends Association’s aim is to work together to help the school as well as our community. It enables our children to understand the idea of community and its importance in the life of everyone at Willowtown Primary school. 

In order to do this, our P.T.F.A. give up their time to raise money to provide equipment for a better school experience for the children. This aids the teachers to resource learning activities that might not otherwise be possible. Our Immersion room has captivated the imaginations of our pupils and is proving to be an engaging and worthwhile resource consequently raising standards across the school.  

Lots of our P.T.F.A. members are happy to give up their time and are enthusiastic to help run events alongside the staff at the school. The amount of dedication that these individuals have shown is truly amazing. Without regard to any financial gain they have gladly and unwaveringly given their time and efforts towards improving the educational needs of our children through fundraising events. We welcome and encourage new members to come along and participate in future events. 

Special recognition is warranted for Mrs. Julie Worthing, the Chair of the P.T.F.A. We have all benefitted from her dedication and willingness to motivate and ensure that programs, information and enrichment are brought to the school community.  

We would just like to emphasise how important our P.T.F.A. is and to say huge thank you.